A patch is the perfect way to meet your cap decoration needs.

Go beyond the realm of standard embroidery

We give you options. Whether you need intricate detail, or an old-school look, our patch program allows you to go beyond the realm of standard embroidery.



Durable and trendy, our leather patch option gives a high-quality look and feel with a sophisticated and artisan touch -- be a style keeper. 


A classic and traditional patch look. Best for basic shapes and offers a three-dimensional look. Created by using traditional embroidery thread and embroidering the design onto a piece of high-quality twill.



The tight weave enables more detail in the design, cleaner lines, and a flatter appearance – closer to a printed look, and offers flexibility to better contour to the shape of the cap.


Liquid Embroidery

Provides luxurious and fine detail, amazing texture, and an incredible array of vibrant colors, including metallics.